SGM Tonight at 7.30pm!


With the SGM tonight it is important that we get as many parents, players, coaches and members to the club as possible so they can hear both proposals and cast their vote accordingly.

We ask you all to come along with an open mind and listen to the presentations and vote on the proposal you think fits the future of the club the best.

There will be a ‘creche’ facility allowing those who are unable to leave their children at home to also come and vote on the proposals. Whilst this is not Ofsted related (!) there will be people available to chaperone the children outside and ensure they are well watered!

Please note that voting will be by way of secret ballot and members will be asked to sign in to the meeting. All those signing in will be provided with a voting slip.

We look forward to seeing you tonight at 7.30pm at the Club.

See our Facebook page regarding the new clubhouse proposal: